First Book Presents Empowering Educators

In 2019, First Book surveyed its network of educators, to provide resources that would help them proactively engage their students in conversations about race. Through the survey, 66% of educators stated they wanted to proactively discuss race and racism in their classroom; with 76% of educators requesting resources and tools to have effective, age-appropriate conversations with their students. Additional survey findings helped create a series of free resources that were informed by leading anti-bias and antiracist (ABAR) experts like Britt Hawthorne, Tiffany Jewell, Liz Kleinrock, Cornelius Minor, Catherine Wigginton Greene, and Christine Platt.

In 2020, First Book launched the first year of its Empowering Educators series, which included a Guidebook on Race & Racism, special edition paperback #OwnVoices stories, and the first part of a digital series on race and racism. In 2021, we have continued to expand the dialogue and provide educators with additional real-life resources and examples.

The program has continued to provide invaluable resources for difficult conversations and in 2021, First Book won a Gold Halo Award for the program from Engage for Good.

Explore the Empowering Educators resources designed to assist our Network of educators.

View the Guidebook Here