Book Strategy

To accelerate book equity at the speed and scale required, we need new and bold cross-sector strategies to develop systemic solutions.

Together we are laying the foundation for racial and educational equity during a child’s critical earliest years and ensuring the best positive outcomes for our nation’s children.

How We Do It

The Diverse Books for All Coalition uses the collective market power of its members to affect change.

Coalition members provide books to millions of children across the country every year through a robust array of evidence-informed programming that builds literacy skills and engagement in reading. But there are not enough affordable quality books that reflect the lived experiences of the children we serve. Books featuring diverse content are estimated to be 22% higher than those featuring animals or white characters. Together, we aggregate our dollars and define our shared priorities. We negotiate with publishers for affordable, quality versions of existing content, and use our shared market power to bring new authors, languages, and stories to market.

Together, we purchase thousands of books every year, which gives us significant leverage to increase the number, affordability, and variety of diverse books.

This spring, the Coalition will begin to distribute thousands of Coalition-branded books to young children across the country. This is the first, nationwide collective purchase of diverse children's books by a consortium of nonprofits.